About Sign Language Services International

Sign Language Services International, Inc. (SLSI) traces its roots to 1987 when it began as Sign Language Services, and is the oldest provider in the region. SLSI’s original mission was to provide high quality and dependable Sign Language interpreting services to the Baton Rouge community. Since then, services offered by SLSI have expanded to meet the changing demands of a vibrant Deaf Community.

SLSI now serves the Baton Rouge region, the state of Louisiana, the United States and the international community. Interpreting services have been provided for international conferences both within the United States and abroad. SLSI has consulted with government agencies both nationally and internationally to provide expertise in the development of testing Sign Language and interpreting abilities for certification. A 24-lesson Sign Language course was developed to allow for self-paced introduction to American Sign Language for those who might be interested in learning America’s 3rd most common language.

SLSI is an Associate Member of the European Forum for Sign Language Interpreters, a co-founder and organizational member of the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters,  and a member of the World Federation of the Deaf. Finally, SLSI is working in Africa and the Caribbean with Global Deaf Connection.

SLSI’s Mission and Purpose

SLSI believes that no Deaf man, woman, or child should be denied the ability to meet their full potential due to a lack of access to quality Sign Language Interpreting Services. SLSI strives to make sure that mission becomes a reality both locally and globally.